Giving back is not just something we do to check a box at the end of the year. It’s who we are as an organization. It’s why we do what we do. We are a for-profit social enterprise with a mission to make the lives of children better. The way we fulfill this mission is by providing the best services and technology to our clients. At no cost to clients, $2 from every actualized room night is donated to nonprofits impacting, and improving, the lives of children worldwide. Through our partnerships with clients, hotels and nonprofits we are changing lives — one room at a time.



We promise to work hard on behalf of all of our stakeholders – offering the best service and product in the industry. We promise to be transparent in our communications. We promise to do the right thing and be here when you need us. We promise to anticipate what our clients need. We promise to be innovative. We promise to build lasting relationships – built on trust. But above all we promise to give back to children so they may grow up to live happier and healthier lives full of potential and promise.


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