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Yesterday, we announced an exciting partnership between Hotels for Hope and Clean the World.  In addition to joining our portfolio of charitable partners, Hotels for Hope also built a booking portal for people to secure rooms at Clean the World hotels.

Let’s get the ball rolling…

Here are 5 things you should know when securing rooms via:

Tip #1:  Guaranteed Lowest Rates

Clients, supporters, friends and family alike can book rooms via the CTW booking portal.  We pull inventory from over a dozen channels – brand websites, Expedia, Kayak, Miki, Tourico, GetaRoom + many more.  All property reservations booked through the website are guaranteed to be the lowest rate available*.

* This guarantee may not apply to special event dates and/or third party bookings.



Tip #2:  The Possibilities are Endless…

The Clean the World / Hotels for Hope booking portal helps you find rooms at 100,000+ hotels.  All your favorite brands, all your favorite global locations, all at your fingertips via

Give it a shot!



Tip #3: Support Clean the World partner hotels

We value hotels that align with the global hygiene revolution.  Clean the World has 2,000+ hotel partners that recycle used bathroom products.  When searching for hotels, our technology automatically pulls Clean the World Partner Hotels to the top of every search.

Keep an eye out for them…



Tip #4:  A Night Stay = A Hygiene Kit

You are familiar with Hotels for Hope’s commitment to social responsibility.  We have extended our outreach via this unique partnership.  Every room night booked generates a $2 charitable donation to Clean the World.  This donation directly relates to the creation of a hygiene kit through Clean the World’s ONE Project.

The math is simple:  Book a room for (3) nights = (3) hygiene kits created

Boston  MA


Tip #5:  Hotels can provide local negotiated rates

Hotels for Hope’s booking portals pull data/inventory via the GDS.  Clean the World partner hotels can provide guests a special discounted rate (local negotiated rate) by setting up a unique CTW/H4H rate code.

Drive more business, and awareness, every night of the year.

Austin  TX




Neil Goldman

Neil Goldman

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