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We will start this post with a question…

When you book a room do you first research the hotel for positive/negative reviews?

If you responded “yes” then you are in the majority.  Did you know 87% of travelers agree that TripAdvisor hotel reviews “help me feel more confident in my (booking) decision.” At Hotels for Hope, we listen to customers and expand technology offerings based on those requests.  Last month, our team implemented an extensive integration in which TripAdvisor reviews are now accessible via all booking portals.  While you depend on H4H to provide event technology, we (as consumers) depend on users to contribute valuable information about hotel properties.

The next time you are booking a room via Hotels for Hope utilize this guide to find TripAdvisor Reviews:

– Identify a preferred hotel

– Click on the “Property Details” link and continue on to the “Reviews” tab


– Reviews are updated real time.  We condense the most recent reviews for easy readability.  If you want further information, simply click on the “Read Reviews” link.


If you would like more information, please Contact a Hotels for Hope Global Account Manager.

Thank you to TripAdvisor for providing documentation + this amazing infographic.


Neil Goldman

Neil Goldman

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